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DRAMA IN THE CLASSROOM Teacher resources- Pin It-

Whether you are a new teacher needing help with drama lessons; an
experienced teacher searching for practical drama activities and ideas
to add to your acting toolbox; you run kids acting classes; or you're a
parent with a child who likes drama, this site is for you.

Teaching Kids Drama Stuff focuses on easy activities and drama games.
It offers plenty of practical resources intended to go straight from
the web page to the classroom, cutting down your preparation and stress


Drama lesson Plans- Pin It-

This site is based on ways to make drama work in your class room.

There are some excellent books devoted to drama games which provide a
good outline of the games, and advice on how to play but often only
offer a couple of examples. (Some are listed on the Resources page.)

Teachers of drama are usually faced with over 20 students at a time who
all want to have a turn. Here we provide lists of examples, popular
ideas and added resources.

We "unpack" the games making them readily accessible for all.

If you want more improvisation and acting activities, this drama
resource kit for 50 of the most popular drama games is a must.

It allows the teacher to confidently enjoy instructing and using each
activity... with minimal preparation!

This teacher resource is aimed at a Primary School age level, but can
easily be adapted.

Check out the Top 50 Games List page to see which popular drama games
are explored and place an order for your copy of Top 50 Drama Games


teaching drama- Pin It- Drama games are a very popular
and successful way to teach drama. They engage students of all ages,
and can be adapted to any level of ability. The games are a fun way of
developing acting skills, creative thinking and confidence, as well as
teaching about the various elements of drama. Best of all, students
seem to love watching and performing them.

The kit also explores creative fun activities such as drama make up and
face painting; creating crazy costumes; making your own sound effects;
sock puppets and finding music to set the mood.

The following pages look at few of the games in the kit, take a look at
how easy and fun drama teaching can be.

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Other Books By Celia Pennay

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Join our drama farmer club and receive updates and the latest news in
drama teaching resources.


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* Sample Games
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* Sample Drama Game 10

Teach Kids Drama Stuff

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